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Call for Nominations - 2014 CAP Awards!

Dear CAP Member:

It’s that time of the year! CAP is seeking nominations to recognize deserving institutions, programs, and/or individuals in the areas of: Excellence in Teaching, Excellence in Innovation, and Excellence in Marketing.

Each year up to three faculty from CAP member institutions are recognized for Excellence in Teaching in an accelerated program. Winners demonstrate excellence in their ability to relate to students, to encourage students as learners, to challenge students to reach their maximum performance, and to make the learning relevant and meaningful. Winners have also made significant contributions to the wider academic community.

The national Award for Excellence in Innovation for serving adult learners honors excellence in responding to the diverse and changing needs of adult learners in accelerated or intensive formats. This award recognizes innovation that has demonstrated benefit to the field of accelerated learning or has produced a significant contribution to advancing service or instruction to adult learners.

The national Award for Excellence in Marketing honors excellence in outreach and communication to adult learner populations. This award recognizes Institutions that have creatively and effectively marketed to the adult learner in their respective areas in ways consistent with their institutional and program missions. The effective use of technology and diverse delivery mediums are also strong considerations.

Award recipient/s/ will receive a complimentary pass to the 13th National Conference for Accelerated Programs in Higher Education, The New Face of Accelerated Learning, July 23-24 in Denver. Awardees attending the conference will be recognized during the Celebration Luncheon o­n July 23rd.

Nomination forms can be downloaded via the '2014 CAP Awards' module to the left of this website page.

Each form provides details o­n what a completed nomination includes. If you want a nomination form emailed directly to you, contact Jeannie McCarron at jmccarro@regis.edu or (303)964-5253.

Nominations must be received by Friday, May 2nd, 2014, to be considered.   Nominations can be submitted via email to Jeannie McCarron at jmccarro@regis.edu or by mail to:

Jeannie McCarron
Director, Council for Accelerated Programs (CAP)
c/o Regis University College for Professional Studies
3333 Regis Blvd., P-8
Denver, CO 80221-1099

We look forward to receiving your nomination/s/!


Mary Kay Scribner
2013/2014 CAP Awards Officer
Assistant Professor of Adult Education, Emerita
Roberts Wesleyan College

Please Join Us for CAP’s 2014 Annual Conference in Denver!


July 22, 2014 - Pre-Conference Events
July 23-24 - Main 2-Day Conference
Hotel and Hospitality Learning Center
Metropolitan State University of Denver

Who Should Attend?
All educators: any level of administration – provosts, deans, directors, academic advisors; full- and part-time faculty; and, anyone wanting to start an accelerated learning program or enhance or grow an existing accelerated program.

Why Attend?
Accelerated programs have been considered innovative and student-responsive since their initial entrance into higher education. As professionals working in these dynamic programs, we are continually being asked to do more work with fewer resources. This concept is not new to many institutions and we are continually looking for better, more effective ways to reach potential students, respond to the changing demands of our environment, and engage adult learners. Given the changing landscape in higher education, what is next for accelerated programs? What will be THE NEW FACE OF ACCELERATED LEARNING?

This year’s CAP Conference will take a fresh look at the future potential for our adult-focused accelerated programs. As programs accustomed to innovation and continuous improvement and change, we will come together this year and discuss how our programs need to evolve in today’s world to meet the changes and challenges swirling all around us. Some topics that will be addressed include:

•     Ask the Experts: What Future Trends will impact Accelerated Programs?
•     Competency-Based Programs
•     Online & Blended Accelerated Learning Programs
•     Veteran Degree Completion Programs
•     Best Practices in Advising today’s Adult Learner
•     College Partnerships
•     Using Data to Market your Accelerated Program
•     Student Preparedness in Accelerated Programs
•     State Authorization/Accreditation & Federal Regulations
•     Online Student Engagement
•     Diverse Learning Styles
•     Faculty Development in Accelerated Programs
•     Publishing Your Best Practices and Research
•     Student Survey Results – what do we know now?

Please join us for a Pre-Conference Event o­n July 22nd! There are several exciting events to choose from:

•     Accelerated Programs 101
•     What’s So Relational in today’s Adult Relational Market?
•     Preparing Students for Courses and Programs offered in Alternative Formats
•     Online Human Touch: Fostering o­nline Student Engagement from Application to Graduation  and Beyond
•     Faculty Development: Building a Self-Sustaining Model
•     Dealing with Difficult Students: When it’s attitude not academics
•     State Authorization/Accreditation & Federal Regulations


Opening Keynote
Into the Storm: Educating Adult Learners during Challenging Times for Higher Education

Dr. Wayne Smutz, Dean of Continuing Education and UCLA Extension at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

The world of postsecondary education is undergoing dramatic change—from learning to organizational structures to business models. We are most likely o­nly o­n the brink of change that will alter the higher education landscape forever. What are the signs of change? What issues should be attended to? What role will accelerated learning play in an unclear future? What kind of value will be expected from higher education in the years ahead? How can we creatively respond in ways that most benefit adult learners? Dr. Smutz will offer perspectives and insights into the unclear future with a particular focus o­n serving adult students.

Panel Discussion
Leaders of Professional Organizations in Higher Education will discuss and answer questions about Trends and Themes in Higher Education that will directly affect Accelerated Programs and Adult Learning

Dr. Scott A. Campbell, Vice President for Higher Education, Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL)

Dr. Julie Uranis, Director of Distance Learning and Continuing & Professional Development, Division of Extended Learning and Outreach, Western Kentucky University, & 2014-2015 Chairperson of the o­nline Management and Design Network University, Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA)

Dr. Brian Van Horn, Dean, Continuing Education, Murray State University, &President, Association for Continuing Higher Education (ACHE)

Dr. Cynthia Wilson, Vice President, Learning and Research, & Editor in Chief, League for Innovation in the Community College

Closing Plenary
Accelerated and Competency-Based Programs: Implications for Bringing General Education (Liberal Studies) to Life

Dr. Alison Leigh Brown, Associate Vice president of Academic Affairs in Extended Campuses and Professor of Philosophy at Northern Arizona University
Competency-based programs lend themselves to accelerating learning; importantly together they reinforce deep learning of key concepts and skills through repetition in different contexts and disciplines. o­nce freed from traditional confinements of time, place, credit hour and course, interdisciplinary programing finds new and effective ways to flourish. Brown will use examples and results from Northern Arizona University’s Personalized Learning to show ways that CBE and acceleration unleash the power of interdisciplinary learning.

Workshop Sessions:
•     How to successfully move o­n ground accelerated degree program courses to a hybrid and/or o­nline delivery
•     Student Survey Results
•     Publishing Your Best Practices and Research
•     Best Practices in Teaching Accelerated Courses
•     Creating College Partnerships
•     Are we more Alike or More Diverse: Learning Styles across the Generations

                                                                                     Member     Non-Member
Any 2-hour Pre-Conference event                                 $50.00     $75.00
Attending a full day of Pre-Conference events              $175.00     $270.00
Pre-Conference – Accelerated Programs 101                $95.00     $149.00
2014 CAP Conference o­nly                                         $450.00     $750.00

Register prior to April 30th, 2014, and receive 10% off of your entire registration fee!

Registration will open soon! Please visit the CAP Website at www.capnetwork.org and select the 2014 CAP Conference module for access to the o­nline registration link for credit card payment registration, or access to a registration form for payment by check or purchase order.

Please contact Jeannie McCarron at 303-964-5253 or jmccarro@regis.edu

Thanks to all who attended CAP's March 28th Webinar!

Challenges and Opportunities of Developing and Delivering Accelerated, Video Conferenced Courses to Adult Learners


This session will present information about the challenges and opportunities of developing and teaching accelerated courses to adult learners in multiple locations through video conference technology from the perspectives of overall management, programming, faculty involvement, and instructional design.

Webinar Facilitators:

Dr. Rosemarie Piccioni is a current CAP board member and is the past director of the national award-winning Penn State Video Learning Network, which connects the Penn State campuses and provides interactive, blended learning certificate and degree cohort programs to adult learners across the Commonwealth. Dr. Piccioni has experience leading educational teaching and learning programs for learners of all ages in K-12, higher education, and for institutions including Carnegie Hall, where she produced the Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra and the Animated History of Carnegie Hall o­nline Listening Adventures™ (www.carnegiehall.org/orc/interactive_resources.html) and The Philadelphia Orchestra; Teachers College, Columbia University, and the Walt Disney Company. Dr. Piccioni earned B.S. and M. M. Ed. degrees in music education at Duquesne University and her Doctorate at Teachers College, Columbia University. She continues participating in music as the clarinetist for the Quinta Voce Woodwind Quintet.

JeanMarie Jacob is the VLN Program Manager. JeanMarie returned to school as an adult student to complete her bachelor's degree in applied psychology and a master degree in adult education at Penn State University and she completed a distance education certificate. Prior to her role with the Video Learning Network, JeanMarie worked as both an area representative and as the interim director of the Continuing Education department at Penn State Greater Allegheny. JeanMarie was named the 2011 Shirley Hendrick award winner. This Penn State award recognizes an administrator whose visionary accomplishments have contributed significantly to the success of the University's efforts to serve adult learners. Jean Marie also received the 2011 UPCEA Community of Practice award for exemplary programming. Prior to returning to Penn State as an adult student, JeanMarie was employed by Coty cosmetics and Lego toys as an area representative in the Pittsburgh area.

Carri Joyce is an instructional designer and performance consultant for the Penn State Video Learning Network. She has been in the field of instructional design for 17 years. The focus of Carri's career has been designing engaging and interactive learning and workforce performance improvement solutions for higher education, corporate, and government environments in a variety of delivery formats including: o­nline learning, classroom/facilitated training, video-conference multi-class instruction, instructional videos, and blended learning solutions. A long list of corporate clients have benefited from Carri's expertise and insight, including U.S. Steel, Visa, American Eagle, Mellon Bank, PNC, Sheetz, MEDRAD, EDMC, Ford Motor Company, McKesson HBOC, and Westfield Insurance. Carri has a B.S. in Communications Media from The Indiana University of Pennsylvania and an M.Ed. in Instructional Design and Technology from the University of Pittsburgh.

Webinar Fees:

Member Non-Member

Individual: $115 $215
2-5 Individuals: $190 $320
6+ Individuals: $295 $450

Save the DATE! 2014 CAP Conference, Denver!



July 22 (Pre-Conference Events)
July 23-24 - Main 2-Day Conference
Hospitality Learning Center
Metropolitan State University of Denver

More information will be available soon! Please look for the 'Call for Roundtable Proposals' that will be posted o­n this site soon.

For questions or additional information, please contact Jeannie McCarron at (303)964-5253 or jmccarro@regis.edu.

A Message from the Chair

Dear CAP Colleague:

As the new CAP Chair, I am pleased to introduce myself to the membership. I am Tom Castle, Associate Provost at Mount Mercy University, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I have been o­n the faculty at Mount Mercy since 1989, and began serving as dean of accelerated programs in 2005. I was named Associate Provost this past summer. I have attended CAP conferences since 2005, and have been o¬n the CAP Board since 2008. CAP has provided tremendous support to me personally and professionally as I have progressed in my education career, and I hope it can do the same for you. I met some of you at this year’s CAP Conference in Denver and at previous CAP events, and I hope to personally connect with each of you in the coming year.

It is a privilege to follow in the footsteps of our most recent chairs, Dawn Spaar, Patricia Ellis and Royce Ann Collins – who during their tenure advanced CAP to be fiscally self-sustaining, developed the Quality Standards for Accelerated Programs and Model for Good Practice, presented at national meetings and events and advanced CAP’s consulting services to mention o¬nly a few critical endeavors.

As we begin the 2013-2014 academic year, I encourage each of you to consider how CAP can support your endeavors, and in return, how each of you can support the efforts of CAP. Aside from the vast network of wonderful colleagues, CAP provides many services specifically dedicated to accelerated programs including consulting and program evaluation, webinars, presentations, the Quality Standards review, and of course the annual conference. Each of these services is made available by dedicated, volunteer board members who work tirelessly in support of CAP. As a CAP member, I hope you find opportunities to support CAP through volunteering time o­n committees, utilizing our consulting services, networking with fellow CAP members, and helping us grow our membership. I can tell you first-hand, the Quality Standards evaluation was an empowering experience for my school. Additionally, CAP just completed two consulting projects this month that extended our mission to ultimately serve the adult learner. We thank Royce Ann Collins and Dawn Spaar for serving as lead consultants for these projects!

If your institution is interested in having a CAP representative visit to evaluate your program against the CAP Quality Standards, contact Jeannie McCarron at jmccarro@regis.edu or 303.964.5253. As a reminder, you will receive a full report that will include not o¬nly suggestions for improvement but also reaffirmation of your current good practices. What better way to highlight your program/s in preparation for an upcoming accreditation visit or strategic planning discussion?

For those who attended our 2013 annual conference recently held in Denver at Metropolitan State University, it was great seeing you. We hope you enjoyed the great plenary speakers, high-quality roundtables, fantastic networking opportunities, and excellent weather in downtown Denver. For those of you who were unable to join us, we hope to see you at an event throughout the year or at next year’s annual conference. What’s o­n the horizon in the coming months? Here’s a peek at things to come:

•     CAP will be facilitating a Pre-Conference Event at the 2013 CAEL Conference in November;
•     CAP will be facilitating a session at the 2013 ACHE Conference in November;
•     CAP will be sponsoring an exciting Faculty Development Webinar Series in the coming months;
•     CAP and CAEL will be co-sponsoring two webinars in the coming months;
•     CAP will launch its new website by January, 2014;
•     CAP will announce the dates and theme of the 2014 Conference soon!

There is much more to discuss but we will save the details for a later time – so stay tuned! As always, thanks for your participation in CAP. We’re looking forward to another great year!


Tom Castle
2013-2014 CAP Chair

2013/2014 CAP Board of Officers

Past Chair: Dawn Spaar, Associate Dean, School of Continuing and Professional Studies, Elizabethtown College

Chair: Tom Castle, Associate Provost, Mount Mercy University

Vice –Chair: Andra Basu, Dean, Adult & Professional Studies, Albright College

Secretary: Katie Buvoltz, Associate Dean for Adult and Distance Education, Houghton College

Treasurer: Linda Merkl, Assistant Professor, Adult Education & Training, College for Professional Studies, Regis University

Research Officer: Royce Ann Collins, Associate Professor - Adult Education, Educational Leadership Department, Kansas State University

Events Officer: Chad Gruhl, Department Chair and Associate Professor, Hospitality, Tourism, & Events Management, Metropolitan State University of Denver

Awards Officer: Mary Kay Scribner, Retired - Roberts Wesleyan College (7/1/13)

Membership Cultivation Officer: Joni Allison, Associate Dean, Center for Adult Learning, Lincoln College – Normal

Outreach Officer: Martha Kudak, Director/Chair ASAP, Inver Hills Community College

CAP Editor: Patricia     Ellis, Special Assistant to the Dean, School of Graduate and Professional Studies, Stevenson University

Member-at-Large: Tammy Stewart, Vice Provost, Concordia University Texas

Member-at-Large: Rosemarie Piccioni, Director, Video Learning Network, Penn State University

Affiliate Organization Liaisons:
CAEL: Diana Bamford-Rees, Associate Vice President of Higher Education
Regis University: Marie Friedemann, Associate Dean, College for Professional Studies

Ex-officio Past Chairs:
Audrey Ashton-Savage, Adjunct Associate Professor, Whittemore School of Business and Economics, University of New Hampshire

CAP Director, Non-Voting
Jeannie McCarron, Regis University

Thank you 2013 CAP Conference Attendees!

We would like to extend special thanks to those who attended  CAP's 12th National Conference in Denver.  We were delighted you could join us!

We would like to also thank our wonderful Keynote Speakers and Plenary Speakers who made this conference extra special:


Raymond J. Wlodkowski, Ph.D., & Margery B. Ginsberg, Ph.D


Representatives from various accrediting bodies, including:

Dr. Ellie A. Fogarty, Vice President, Middle States Commission o­n Higher Education

Dr. Jeffrey H. Rosen, Vice President for Accreditation Relations, Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association

Dr. Steven M. Sheeley, Vice President, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission o­n Colleges


Doug Lederman, Editor & Co-Founder, Inside Higher Ed.

COMING SOON - An announcement of CAP's 2014 Conference! Please stay tuned!

CAP Membership Information

We are delighted you are interesting in joining the o­nly organization specifically dedicated to serving the needs of the accelerated learning community.

To join CAP today, please visit the 'CAP Membership Info' module o­n the front page of this site to access the CAP Membership Application Form.  You may also contact Jeannie McCarron at (303)964-5253 or jmccarro@regis.edu for questions or additional information about CAP Membership.

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